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Touraine-Solente-Golé syndrome

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This osteodermopathic syndrome is characterized by cutis verticis gyrata (corrugated overgrowth of the scalp, or so-called "bull-dog scalp" lesions) also involving the forehead, face, and extremities; clubbing of the digits due to soft tissue hyperplasia; elephantiasis of long bones, enormously large hands and feet; periosteal lesions, fatigability, blepharitis, arthralgia, periosteal overgrowth, and occasionally pulmonary osteoarthropathy.

Occurs almost exclusively in males. More severe in females. Onset at the time of puberty, up to third decade. General health and mental status not affected. Inheritance is autosomal dominant with variability of expression. This condition differs from the Brugsch syndrome by the presence of acromegaly.


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