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Redlich's syndrome

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A poorly defined form of abortive disseminated encephalomyelitis with lesions distributed throughout the brain and the spinal cord. The symptoms are similar to those found in disseminated sclerosis but more diffuse and usually very mild, but the course is protracted. Anatomically the disease picture is more acute and inflammatory than disseminated sclerosis. The most common symptoms include tendon reflex disorders, paresthesia, and inflammatory reactions. Prognosis is usually good, with no new attacks. Redlich suspected that this disorder and Economo disease are variants of the same entity. The term is now considered obsolete.

Independently of Emil Redlich Flatau in 1929 described first cases of disseminated encephalomyelitis (encephalomyetis epidemica disseminate) and he proposed that virus may be responsible for this disease. This was later confirmed by Russian neurologist Mergulis.


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