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Vladimir Karlovich Roth

Born 1848
Died 1916

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Russian neuropathologist, born October 5, 1848, Orel; died 1916. Name also spelled Rot.

Biography of Vladimir Karlovich Roth

Vladimir Karlovich Roth studied medicne at the medical faculty, Moscow University, graduating in 1871. He then worked there as an assistant at the nerve clinic from 1874 to 1876. During the years 1877 to 1879 he worked in clinics in Paris, Berlin and Vienna.

From 1881 to 1890 he was in charge of the department of nervous diseases at the Staro-Ekaterinska hospital in Moscow and he founded a school for nurses. He was habilitated in 1885 in Moscow, and in 1895 was made doctor medicine honoris causa and also became professor extraordinary. From 1902 to 1911, Roth held the chair of neurological diseases at the Moscow University. Roth belonged among the most important neuropathologists in Russia.

Vladimir Karlovich Roth published 30 articles.

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