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Heerfordt's disease or syndrome

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A peculiar course of sarcoidosis with enlargement of the parotid glands, mild fever, and uveitis, and facial nerve palsy. There may be associated hyperalgesia, papilloedema, meningism and pleocytosis on the cerebrospinal fluid due to sarcoidosis. Other clinical features may include hilar adenopathy, generalized lymphadenopathy, visceral lesion and skin rash. A rare disease which is probably a manifestation of Boeck’s disease. Aetiology is unknown. Young adults are usually affected, males more often than females.

Waldenström's uveoparitis has been entered as a separate entity under Jan Gösta Waldenström, Swedish internist, 1906-1996.

See also Boeck's sarcoid, under Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck, Norwegian dermatologist, 1845-1917.


  • C. F. Heerfordt:
    Über eine "Febris uveo-parotidea subchronica" an der Glandula parotis und der Uvea des Auges lokalisiert und häufug mit Paresen cerebrospinaler Nerven kompliziert.
    Albrecht von Grafes Archiv für Ophthalmologie, 1909, 70: 254-273.
  • J. G. Waldenström:
    Some observations on uveoparotitis and allied conditions with special reference to the symptoms from the nervous system.
    Acta Medica Scandinavica, Stockholm, 1937, 91: 53-68.

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