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Silvestroni-Bianco anaemia

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No longer used term for heterozygotous thalassaemia. A blood disorder having the characteristics of both sickle cell anemia and Mediterranean anemia. A variable patterns includes features of Herrickā€™s syndrome (sickle cell anaemia) and thalassaemia syndromes. Other features include abdominal crisis, and splenomegaly. Hereditary condition.


  • E. Silvestroni, I. Bianco:
    Ricerche cliniche, genetiche ed ematologiche sui malati di anemia microciticaa constituzionale e di morbo di Cooley.
    Haematologica, Pavia, 1948, 3: 135-190. Genetic aspects of sickle cell anemia and microdrepanocytic disease.
    Blood, New York, 1952, 7: 429-435.

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