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Ezio Silvestroni

Born  1905
Died  1990

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Italian physician, 1905-1990.

Biography of Ezio Silvestroni

Ezio Silvestroni was professor in Rome. In 1952, Silvestroni and his wife, Ida Bianco, created the Center for Studies on Thalassemia in Rome.


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  • E. Silvestroni, I. Bianco:
    La malattia microdrepanocitica.
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  • E. Silvestroni, I. Bianco:
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  • E. Silvestroni:
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  • E. Silvestroni:
    L'organizzazione sanitaria per la lotta contro le microcitemie in Italia.
    Atti Giornate Studio su "Il Problema Sociale della Microcitemia e del Morbo di Cooley in Italia". Ist. It. Med. Soc. Ed., Roma, 1961, 5.
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