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Nicolaas Voorhoeve

Born  1879
Died  1927

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Dutch radiologist, born January 15, 1879, the Hague; died August 8, 1927.

Biography of Nicolaas Voorhoeve

Nicolas Voorhoeve qualified in medicine in 1905 at the University of Leiden. gained postgraduate experience in Berlin and Paris, before returning to Leiden, where he became assistant to professor Pieter Klaases Pel (1852-1919) in 1908. In this capacity Voorhoeve directed the radiology laboratory, and he now turned to roentgenology, obtaining further specialised experience with Johannes Karel August Wertheim Salomonsen (1864-1922) in Leiden and Heinrich Ernst Albers-Schönberg (1865-1921) in Hamburg.

Voorhoeve was habilitated as Privatdozent of roentgenology in 1920, and when Salomonsen died that year, he was a natural candidate for the vacant chair; it was not until 1926, however, that he was finally appointed to the professorship – only one year prior to his death.

    "Voorhoeve was one of those men whom it was necessary to know for a long time to be able to appreciate fully their great qualities."
    P. J. Dietz, with whom Voorhoeve shared his student days, in his obituary "

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