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Albert Touraine

Born  1883
Died  1961

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French dermatologist, born November 11, 1883, Paris; died May 3, 1961, Paris.

Biography of Albert Touraine

Albert Touraine studied medicine at the University of Paris under Eugène Charles Apert (1868-1940), Arnold Netter (1855-1939) and Emile Charles Achard (1860-1944). He obtained his doctorate in 1912 with a thesis containing original observations of agglutination reactions in syphilis.

Following World War I, when he spent two years with the 166th Infantry Regiment in the Verdun region, Touraine became chief of the dermatology and syphilology service at a specialist hospital in Besançon. After the armistice, Touraine worked in the Hôpital de la Charité and Broca hospitals, Paris, and in 1932 he received the senior post of physician to the Hôpital St.-Louis.

Touraine's contributions were rewarded by his appointment as Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and later in life he was advanced to the status of Officer and finally Commander. H served as vice president of the French Society of Genetics, and as president of the French Society of Dermatology and Syphilology. In 1960 he was elected to the vice presidency of the Academy of Medicine.

Touraine's personal qualities were summed up in his obituary: " He was naturally respected for his immense industry and erudition and for his intellectual integrity, but he perhaps won even more admiration for his natural humour and warm-hearted friendliness.

Touraine was prolific writer, contributing more than 120 medical articles and reviews. For the last eighteen years of his life he edited the journal Annales de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie.

We thank Patrick Jucker-Kupper, Switzerland, for information submitted.


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