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Brill's disease

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An infectious rickettsial disease transmitted by the human louse or a flea and characterized by fever, a transient rash, and falling blood pressure. It is usually associated with poor personal hygiene. Caused by Rickettsia prowazekii, which is present in the spinal marrow of patients recovering after endemic fever or murine typhus - which are other names for this condition. According to Zinsser, rickettsiae remain viable in the body of the host and recrudescence can occur years after the initial illness. Late recidivating, in average after 10-20 years. It occurs in remote areas of countries in north, central and southern Africa, Mexico, central and southern America, middle and western areas of Asia. The incubation period is 10 - 14 days.

The conjoint eponym Brill-Zinsser disease is now also commonly used.


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