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Calot's operation

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A forcible correction of the angular curvature in Pott's disease. Introduced by Calot in 1895. In 1896 Calot presented a paper at the Paris Academy of Medicine, reporting a series of cases in which the deformity was forcibly reduced, and as a part of the procedure, in some of the cases, the spinous processes were excised.


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  • Note sur la correction opératoire des scolioses graves. Paris, 1897.
  • Note sur quelques modifications apportées à la technique du redressement des maux de Pott. Paris, 1897.
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  • Hofmann:
    Experiences in the Treatment of Spondylitic Kyphosis According to Calot.
    Zeitschrift für orthopädische Chirurgie, einschliesslich der Heilgymnastik und Massage, Stuttgart, 1908, 22 (1-3).

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