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Jean-François Calot

Born  1861
Died  1944

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French surgeon, born 1861, Arrens, département Hautes-Pyrénées; died 1944, Adast.

Biography of Jean-François Calot

Jean-François Calot studied in Paris. He worked as a surgeon at the Hôpital Rotschild in Berck-sur-Mer from 1890 to 1941, and was also affiliated with the Hôpital Cazin-Perrochaud. His main field of work was the treatment of tuberculosis of the bones in child age and orthopaedics, devising a series of new methods of treatment.

Calot acquired an international fame thanks to a paper read before the Academy of Medicine of Paris on December 22, 1896 about 37 cases of reduction of the angular curvature in Pott's disease. He wrote many books on orthopaedic surgery and in 1900 founded the "Institut orthopédique de Berck" which is now named "Institut Calot de Berck-sur-Mer".


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