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Segond's fracture

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An avulsion fracture of the anterolateral margin of the lateral tibial plateau, associated with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. The fracture is considered pathogonomic for ACL tears. The mechanism of injury is internal rotation and various stresses, which causes abnormal tension on the central portion of the lateral capsular ligament.


  • Amédée Bonnet (1809-1858):
    Traité des maladies des articulations. 2 volumes and atlas. Paris : Baillière, 1845.
    Bonnet will be entered on whonamedit.com later.
  • P. F. Segond:
    Recherches cliniques et experimentales sur les epanchements sanguins du genou par entorse. Progres Medical, 1879; 16:297–299, 320–321, 340–341, 379–381, 400–401, 419-421.
    In this study, Segond repeated the work of Amedée Bonnet.

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