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Paul Ferdinand Segond

Born 1851
Died 1912

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French surgeon, born May 8, 1851, Paris; died October 27, 1912, Paris.

Biography of Paul Ferdinand Segond

The son of the anatomist Louis-Auguste Segond (1819-1908), Paul Ferdinand Segond began his medical studies in Paris. He became Interne des hôpitaux in 1875, and completed his medical education receiving the doctorate in 1880. Already in 1878 he obtained a position as prosector at the faculty which he held until 1882. He then became Chef de clinique with the surgeon Ulysse Trélat (1828-11890), and in 1883 became Chirurgien des Hôpitaux and professor agrégé. After working for several years in the Clinique Baudelocque, he succeeded Paul Jules Tillaux (1834-1904) in 1905, holding this tenure until his death in 1912.

Segond’s first important contributions were in the field of surgery of the urine organs (Harnorgane). Later, influenced by Jules Émile Péan (1830-188), he turned to gynaecological operations and here above all perfected the vaginal removal of the uterus. He also operated carcinomas and myomas in this way. Besides this, he was one of the foremost "knee specialists" in 19th century France.

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