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Favre-Racouchot syndrome

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A skin disease characterized by yellowish thickening of skin and nodules with dilated hair sacs, comedones and follicular cysts, especially around the orbits, occasionally in the neck and behind the scars caused by degeneration of elastic tissue. The face, neck, and back are most commonly affected. Occur in people who are chronically exposed to sun. Usually becoming apparent in fourth or fifth decade.

The disease was originally described in 1932 by Favre and reviewed in detail by Favre and Racouchot in 1951.


  • M. Favre:
    Sur une affection kystique des appareils pilo-sebacées localisée a certain regions de la face.
    Bulletin de la Société française de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie, Paris, 1932, 39: 93-96.
  • M. Favre, J. Racouchot:
    L’elastodose cutanée nodulaire à kystes et à comédones.
    Annales de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie, Paris, 1951, 78: 681-702.

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