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Crocq-Cassirer syndrome

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A circulatory disease marked by an association of ovarian insufficiency and acrocyanosis with vasomotor-trophic disturbance of the skin, and disturbances of sensitivity caused by dysregulation of the vegetative nervous system. Prevalent in females; onset in peripuberal age. Asymptomatic, or cold or sweating (or both) of extremities, aggravated or caused by cold exposure, emotions. Occasionally relieved by warmth. Paresthesias frequently accompany other symptoms. Other features include hyperhidrosis, habitual constipation, migraine, erythema, angina pectoris, vertigo, and occasional syncope. In some cases, instead of paraesthesia, hypoaesthesia (anaesthetic form) is present. Aetiology unknown. First described by Jean Crocq in 1896.


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  • F. Curtius and Karl-Heinz Krüger:
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