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So-called Barber Chair phenomenon. Flexing of the neck produces electric shock-like sensations that extend down the spine and shoot into the limbs. Caused by trauma to the cervical portion of the spinal cord, multiple sclerosis, cervical cord tumour, cervical spondylosis, or even vitamin B12 deficiency.


  • J. J. Lhermitte, Pollak, M. Nikolas:
    Les douleurs à type discharge éléctrique consécutives à la flexion cephalique dans la sclérose en plaques. Un cas de la sclérose multiple.
    Revue neurologique, Paris, 1924, 2: 56-57.
  • J. J. Lhermitte:
    Multiple sclerosis.
    Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry, Chicago, 1929, 22: 5-8.

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