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Schwabach's test

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A hearing test using a series of five tuning forks of different tones, used for compairing duration of bone conduction of the impaired ear with that of the normal. Before Schwabach, the test had been employed by Eduard Schmalz (1801-1871).

See also Rinne's test, under Heinrich Adolf Rinne, German ear-nose-throat surgeon, 1819-1868.


  • E. Schmalz:
    Mémoire sur l'emploi de la fourchette tonique du diapson, pour distinguer une dureté d'ouïe nerveuse de celle que est causée par une obstruction.
    Bruxelles, N. J. Gregoire, 1849.
  • D. Schwabach:
    Ueber den Werth des Rinne'schen Versuches für die Diagnostik der Gehörkrankheiten.
    Zeitschrift für Ohrenheilkunde, Wiesbaden, 1885, 14: 61-148.

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