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Wertheim's operation

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An improved type of radical abdominal hysterectomy introduced in 1900. An operation for cancer of the cervix in which there is removed with the uterus as much of the parametrial tissue as possible and a wide margin of the vagina. It has to a large degree replaced the vaginal radical extirpation of the uterus known as Schauta-Stoeckel operation.

The German surgeon Wilhelm Alexander Freund (1833-1917) on January 30, 1878, undertook the first ever abdominal extirpation of a cancerous uterus.

See also:
Schauta's operation, under Friedrich Schauta, Austrian surgeon and gynaecologist, 1849-1919.

Stoeckel's operation, under Walter Stoeckel, German gynaecologist and obstetrician, 1871-1961.

Meigs' expanded Wertheim operation, under Joseph Vincent Meigs, American obstetrician and gynaecologist, 1892-1963.


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