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Aschoff-Geipel bodies

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Granuloma in the myocardium specific for rheumatic fever. Perivascular situated node-shaped granuloma, particularly in the interstitial tissue of the heart. Found in cases of myocarditis and following rheumatism of the joints and rheumatic endocarditis. Consists of cells with large nuclei of connective tissue origin, and lymphocytes, eosinophilus leukocytes and plasma cells.

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  • K. A. L. Aschoff:
    Zur Myocarditisfrage.
    Verhandlungen der deutschen pathologischen Gesellschaft, Stuttgart, 1904, 8: 46-53.
    Translated in Willius & Keys, Cardiac Classics, 1941, pp. 733-739.
In his work on rheumatic myocarditis, Aschoff described the characteristic Aschoff body and presented a histopathological picture of myocarditis that was to exert a great influence on the classification of the disease.

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