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Fraser's syndrome

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An association of cryptophthalmos with a wide range of abnormalities, consisting mostly of orofacial defects, urogenital malformations, syndactyly, decreased number of digits and bilateral or unilateral renal dysplasia. Other features include alterations of the nose, ears, larynx, oral clefts, umbilical hernia, renal agenesis. A small number of cases consist of only acrofacial and urogenital malformations without cryptophthalmos. Also skeletal anomalies and mental retardation. Both sexes affected. Occasionally, stillborn. Inheritance is autosomal recessive. An unusual proportion of infants is born to consanguineous parents.

See also Meyer-Schwickerath and Weyers syndrome, or oculodentodigital syndrome, under Gerhard Rudolph Edmund Meyer-Schwickerath, German ophthalmologist, born 1920.


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