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George R. Fraser

Born  1932

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British human geneticist, born 1932.

Biography of George R. Fraser

George R. Fraser studied genetics at the University of Cambridge and qualified in medicine in 1956. He has held appointments in the USA, Canada, Australia, and at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Oxford.

  • The Causes of Blindness in Childhood. Doctoral thesis.

  • The Causes of Deafness in Childhood. Doctoral thesis.

George R. Fraser translated Benno Muller-Hill, Tödliche Wissenschaft. [Murderous science: Elimination by scientific selection of Jews, Gypsies and others, Germany 1933-1945] Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1988. Hebrew edition, Jerusalem: 1992.
This book describes the atrocities suffered by Jews and Roma during World War II.

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