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Neumann's disease (Isidor Neumann)

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A variant of pemphigus vulgaris in which many of the bullous lesions are replaced by malodorous, verucoid, hypertrophic, vegetative masses, which are usually found on the skin but not on the mucous membranes, except for the vermilion border of the lips. The initial stages are similar to those in pemphigus vulgaris. When the skin dries, hyperkeratosis and fissures occur. Skin in flexure zones most frequently involved. Onset in young and middle-aged adults. Both sexes affected. Secondary bacterial infection is always present.

See also Hallopeau's syndrome I, under François Henri Hallopeau, French dermatologist, 1842-1919.


  • I. Neumann:
    Ueber Pemphigus vegetans (frambosioides).
    Vierteljahrsschrift für Dermatologie und Syphilis, Wien, 1886, 13: 157-178.
  • F. H. Hallopeau:
    Nouvelle étude sur une forme pustuleuse et bulleuse de la maladie de Neumann, dite pemphigus végétans.
    Annales de dermatologie et syphiligraphie, Paris, 1898, 9: 969.
    Hallopeau introduced the term Neumann's disease.

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