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Isidor Neumann, Edler von Heilwart


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Austrian dermatologist, born March 2, 1832, Misslitz, Mähren; died August 31, 1906, Vöslau near Vienna.

Biography of Isidor Neumann, Edler von Heilwart

Isidor Neumann, Edler von Heilwart, received his medical education in Vienna, mainly under Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra (1816-1880), and obtained his doctorate in 1858. He settled in Vienna, first as Dozent, then as professor of skin diseases. Neumann was the director of the Vienna Clinic for dermatology and Syphilis.


  • Lehrbuch der Hautkrankheiten.Wien, 1869.
  • Ueber eine noch wenig bekannte Hautkrankheit (Dermatitis circumscripta herpetiformis).
    Vierteljahrsschrift für Dermatologie und Syphilis, Wien, 1875, 2: 41-52.
    First description of Mibelli's disease II.
  • Syphilis.
    In Carl Wilhelm Hermann Nothnagel (1841-1905), et al, publisher: Handbuch der speciellen Pathologie und Therapie. Volume VIIIV, ienna, 1896 [24 volumes 1894-1905].

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