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Howship's syndrome

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Pain or paraesthesia in the obturator hernia on the inner aspect of the thigh down to and often most severe at the knee due to compression of n. obturatorius; if strangulation is generalized, abdominal pain. Caused by congenital abnormality of obturator canal (hernia obturatoria) - or trauma. More common in women; onset especially in old age. Recurrent pain along thigh, radiating to the knee.


  • J. Howship:
    Practical Remarks on the Discrimination and Appearance of Surgical Disease.
    London, Churchill, 1840.
  • M. H. von Romberg:
    Pathologie und Therapie der Senisbilitäts- und Motilitätsneurosen.
    1857. 3rd edition (unfinished) of Romberg’s Lehrbuch der Nervenkrankheiten des Menschen, page 89.

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