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John Howship

Born  1781
Died  1841

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English surgeon, born 1781; died January 22, 1841.

Biography of John Howship

John Howship was assistant surgeon at the St. George’s infirmary, London. After having been a lecturer at the school of the St. George’s Hospital, he moved to the Charing-Cross Hospital and in 1833 gave the Hunterian Lecture at the College of Surgeons. He was a member of the council of this body when he died of a haemorrhage from an abscess of the lower leg due to a sustained disease of the tibia. He was a highly recognized surgeon.


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    Dutch translation: Practische waarnemingen betrekkelijk de toevallen, oorzken en behandeling van eenige der gewigste ziekten, van het onderste gedeelte des Darmkanaals e Gorinchem.
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