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Mortensen's syndrome

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Obsolete, no longer used term for essential (or haemorrhagic) thrombocythaemia, a haematological disorder characterized by prolonged bleeding time and splenomegaly, with excessive bleeding after minor trauma and at surgery, in spite of a permanent increase in the blood platelet count. Thrombotic manifestations may be present in splenic vein and superficial and deep veins of legs. Both sexes equally affected; onset in 3rd decade or later. Possible autosomal dominant trait.


  • G. Di Guglielmo:
    Megacariociti e piastrine negli organi emopoietici e nel sangue circolante.
    Atti R Acad Chir Napoli, 1919, 83: 19.
  • E. Epstein, A. Goedel:
    Hämorrhagische Thrombocythämie bei vascularer Schrumpfmilz.
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  • O. Mortensen:
    Thrombocythemia hemorrhagica.
    Acta medica scandinavica, Stockholm, 1948, 129: 547-559.
  • L. Révol:
    La myélose hyperthrombocytaire (thrombocytémie hémorrhagique).
    Sang, 1950, 21: 409-423.

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