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Dukes-Filatov disease (Clement Dukes)

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«The fourth disease after scarlatina, rubella, and morbilli.» An infectious disease of early childhood resembling scarlet fever and German measles, usually occurring during the spring or summer. It is characterized by an exanthematous skin eruption associated with slight fever, following an incubation period of 10 to 15. Mostly sporadic, occasionally limited. High temperature - 39,5-40°C - lasting 3 to 4 days without systemic symptoms, except in some cases with convulsions.

It is not considered an aetiological entity, and the term is no longer used.


  • N. F. Filatov:
    Vorlesungen über akute Infektionskrankheiten im Kindesalter.
    Translated by L. Polosky, Vienna, 1883. Lektsii ob ostrykh infektsionnykh bolezniiakh detei.
    Page 113. Moscow, 1887.
  • C. Dukes:
    On the confusion of two different diseases under the name of rubella (rose-rash).
    Lancet, London, 1900, 2: 89-94.

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