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Nil Feodorovich Filatov

Born 1847
Died 1902

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Russian pediatrician, born April 16, 1847, Pensa; died January 26 (February 8), 1902, Moscow.

Biography of Nil Feodorovich Filatov

Nicolai Feodorowitsch Filatov came from an aristocratic family. He received his initial schooling in an institute for the nobility and entered medical school when 17 years old. After graduating from the University of Moscow he returned to his district to practise as a country doctor. He did not find this intellectually rewarding, however, and undertook further training in Vienna, Paris, Berlin and in particular with professor Johann Steiner (1832-1876) in Prague.

After two years he returned to Moscow and began working and teaching in the old Children’s Hospital in 1876. On the death of professor Tolsky, in 1891 he was appointed professor of paediatrics and also director of a new Children’s Hospital – the Chludow Hospital - which was opened at that time. In 1892 the Moscow Paediatric Society was founded and Filatov was appointed as its president, to which position he was re-elected annually till he died. For the 3 years prior to his death he suffered from angina pectoris, but died suddenly of a stroke.

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