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Bruns' syndrome

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Neurological disturbance marked by violent periodic headaches, vomiting, and sudden attacks of vertigo and giddiness and sometimes falling. Due to an obstruction of the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid during changes of posture of the head. The principal causes are cysts and cysticerosis of the fourth ventricle and tumours of the midline of the cerebellum and third ventricle.

Bruns in 1902 first described the syndrome and indicated the relationship to change of posture. Bernard Jacob Alpers (1900-) and Yaskin emphasised that constant anterior flexion of the head usually caused symptoms in predisposed individuals. Indicates an organic lesion of the fourth ventricle or the adjacent structures, has also been seen with tumours of the third or lateral ventricle, or with tumours of the mid-line in the cerebellum.


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