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Evgeny Vladimirovich Bek - bibliography

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Russian physician, 1865-1915. Name also spelled Evgenii and Beck.


  • Zur Frage der Osteoarthritis deformans endemica im Transbaikalgebiet.
    Mil Med Akad Diss, 1906.
  • K voprosu ob obezabrazhivaiuschchem endemicheskom osteorartritu (osteoarthritis deformans endemica) v Zabaikal'skoi oblasti.
    [To the problem of deforming endemic osteoarthritis in the Baikal area]
    Russkii Vrach [Russian Physician], 1906, 5: 74-75. Biographical etc:
  • A. I. Malozemova:
    [Physician, scientist and social activist Evgeniĭ Vladimirovich Bek]
    Sovetskoe zdravoochranenie / Ministerstvo zdravookhranenii︠a︡ SSSR. Moscow, 1988, (7): 66-68.
  • P. F. Stepanov, G. N. Toporov:
    [Military physicians N. I. Kashin and E. V. Bek; pioneer researchers on Urov disease in the Trans-Baikal region.]
    Voenno-meditsinskiĭ zhurnal, April 1959, 8 (4): 87-89. Russian.
  • A. V. Shabunin:
    [A researcher of Urov disease (Evgeniĭ Vladimirovich Bek)]
    Voenno-medicinskij zurnal, Moskva, July 1996, 317 (7): 67-9. Russian.

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