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Itailan physiologist and natural scientist, born April 15, 1730, Pomarolo near Rovento; died March 9, 1805, Florence.


  • Dissertation epistolaire de Mr. L’Abbé F. Fontana . . . au R. P. Urbain Tosetti . . .
    In Mémoires sur les parties sensibles et irritables du corps animal. . . ouvrage qui sert de suite aux Mémoires de Monsieur de Halle, III.
    Lausanne, 1760: 157-243.
  • Richerche de motu dell' iride. Lucca, Giusta, 1765.
    An investigation of how and why the iris contracts.
  • Nuove osservazioni sopra i globetti rossi del sangue. Lucca, 1766.
    Felice Fontana's treatise on the red blood corpuscles.
  • De irritabilitatis legibus, nunc primum sancitis, et de spirituum animalium in movendis musculis inefficacis. Lucca, 1767.
  • Ricerhche fisiche sopra il veleno della vipera. Lucca, J. Giusti, 1767.
    The starting point of modern investigations of serpent venoms. This work also includes Fontana's description of the ciliary canal in the eye of an ox. This structure does not appear in the human eye, but certain spaces in the trabecular meshwork are often referred to as the spaces of Fontana. French translation, 1781. English translation prepared from French edition, 2 volumes, 1787.
  • Osservazioni sopra la ruggine del grano. Lucca, 1767.
  • Descrizione ed usi di alcuni stromenti per misurare la salubrità dell’aria.
    Florence, 1774.
  • Ricerche fisiche sopra l’aria fissa. Florence, 1775.
  • Saggio de osservazioni sopra il falso ergot, e tremella. Florence, 1775.
  • Saggio del Real gabinetto di fisica e di storia naturale di Firenze. Rome, 1775.
  • Richerche filosofiche sopra la fisica animale. Florence, 1775.
  • Memoir intorno ai globetti rossi del sangue. Florence, 1776.
  • Recherches physiques sur la nature de l'air dephlogistique et de l'air nitreux.
    Paris, 1776.
  • Sopra il valeno della viper. Lucca, 1777.
  • Experiences chimiques sur la bile de boeuf. Florence, 1781.
  • Traité sur le vénin de la vipère, sur les poisons américains, sur le laurier-cerise et sur quelques autres poisons végétaux. On y a joint des observations sur la structure primitive du corps animal. Différentes expériences sur la reproduction des nerfs et la description d'un nouveau canal de l'oeil.
    Florence, 1781. 2 volumes in 1.
    The greatly expanced French translation includes Fontana's work on the anatomy of the nerves and nerve regeneration. Volume 2 discusses American poisons.
  • Treatise on the venom of the viper; on the American poisons; and on the cherry laurel, and som other vegetable poisons. To which are annexed, observations on the primitive structure of the animal body; different experiments on the reproduction of the nerves ; and a description of a new canal of the eye. 2 volumes. London 1787.
    This first English translation includes his letter in which he gives an account of his investigations of the space at the angle of the iris known as Fontana's space or canal.
  • Peter Koeffel:
    Felice Fontana: Life and Works.
    Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 1984, 58: 430-432.
  • Leonardo Franchini:
    Il corpo di Venere: biografia di Felice e Gregorio Fontana.
    Nicolodi Editore, Rovereto, 2007.

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