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Dutch anatomist, born 1650, Harderwyjk; died August 5, 1692.


  • De ductu salivali novo, saliva, ductibus oculorum aquosis, et humore oculi aquaeo.
    Lugduni Batavorum, P. vander Aa, 1685, 1686.
  • Sialographia et ductum aquosorum anatome nova. Leiden 1690, 1695, 1723.
    This book, first published in 1685 under the title De ductu, contains some of Nuck's best work on glands and ducts, especially the salivaries and tear ducts. The six large engraved folding plates were drawn by Nuck.
  • Defensio ductuum aquosorum nec non fons salivalis novus, hactenus, non descriptis.
    Leiden, 1691, 1695.
  • Adenographia curiosa et uteri foeminei anatome nova.
    Lugduni Batavorum (Leiden), apud Jordanum Luchtmans, 1691, 1692, 1696, 1722.
  • Opera omnia anatomica, et chirurgica.
    3 works in one volume:
  • Operationes et experimenta chirurgica.
    Leiden , 1692, 1696, 1714, 1733, Jena, 1698.
    Dutch translation, by van Overshuur, Leiden, 1740.
    German translation by Bassius, Lübeck and Wismae, 1709; as Der erläuterte Nuck (“The enlightened Nuck”), Halle, 1728.
    An interesting book of surgical operations, containing several chapters on ophthalmology and otology, two on dentistry, three on hernia, one on blood transfusions, with illustrations.
  • Sialographia, et ductum aquosorum anatome nova. Leiden 1722.
  • Suringar:
    Geschiednis van het geneeskunde onderwijs aan de Leydsche Hoogeshool. v. d. Aa XII, p 342.
  • Fritz Vogel:
    Zahnärztliches in den Werken von Anton Nuck. Dissertation, Leipzig, 1924.

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