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Louis-Anne-Jean Brocq

Born  1856-02-01
Died  1928-12-18

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French dermatologist, born February 1, 1856, Laroque-Timbaut, Lot-et-Garonne; died December 18, 1928.

Biography of Louis-Anne-Jean Brocq

Louis-Anne-Jean Brocq Brocq was a leading figure in medicine in his day. Besides his talent for purveying his enormous knowledge to his students, the medical science owes him some discoveries.

He studied in Paris where he interned in 1878 and received his doctorate in 1892. He then undertook further education with Jean Alfred Fournier (1832-1915), Jean Baptiste Emile Vidal (1825-1893) and Ernest Henri Besnier (1831-1909). In 1891 he became physician at the Hospice la Rochefoucauld, in 1896 at the Hôpital Broca, where he devoted his efforts to the establishment of a dermatological research institution equipped with the very most modern of aids. From 1906 to 1921 he worked in the Hôpital Saint-Louis where he excercised a comprehensive teaching activity. He retired in 1921 and died 1928.

Louis Brocq was a member of the l'Académie de Médecine. In 1833 one of the pavillions of the Hôpital Saint-Louis was named for him. In 1900 he authored Pratique dermatologique, the first encyclopedia of dermatology in the French language.

His categorisation of skin diseases in two classes was recognised for a long time. According to it, dermatoses with a uniform clinical picture make up one category, skin lesions as reaction to organic disease, the other.


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  • Traitement des dermatoses par la petite chirurgie et les agents physiques. Paris, 1898.
  • La pratique dermatologique. Paris, 1900-1904.
  • Traite élémentaire de dermatologie pratique.
    2 volumes, Paris, 1907.
  • Consultations dermatologiques. Paris, 1911.
  • Précis-atlas de dermatologie pratique. Paris, 1921.
  • Cliniques dermatologiques. Paris, 1924 and 1927.

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