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John William Ballantyne

Born  1861
Died  1923

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British gynaecologist, born 1861, Eskbank, Midlothian; died January 23, 1923, Edinburgh.

Biography of John William Ballantyne

John William Ballantyne attended the University of Edinburgh, turning his attention to gynaecology and obstetrics whilst still a student. He was conferred doctor of medicine in 1889, and, following five years as assistant at the University, became assistant professor at the Extramural School, in 1916 assistant professor for the female students of the university. He was appointed assistant physician at the Maternity Hospital in 1900, working there from 1904 to 1919 as full physician. His work particularly concerns diseases during pregnancy and the damages they cause to the foetus, and he was a pioneer in organizing pregnancy care.


  • The diseases and deformities of the foetus.
    Edinburgh, 1892-1895.
  • Teratogenesis. Edinburgh, 1897.
  • Manuaal of antenatal pathology and hygiene.
    2 volumes. Edinburgh, William Green & Sons, 1902-1904. Volume 2: The Embryo.
    The most complete history of teratology in English, and among the best in any language.
    American edition, New York, 1905.
  • Essentials of obstetrics. Edinburgh, 1905.
  • Expectant motherhood, its supervision and hygiene.
    London, 1914.

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