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Eduard Kaufmann

Born  1860-03-24
Died  1931-12-15

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German pathologist, born March 24, 1860, Bonn; died December 15, 1931, Göttingen.

Biography of Eduard Kaufmann

Eduard Kaufmann studied in Bonn and Berlin, receiving his doctorate at Bonn i 1884. In 1887 he became Privatdozent for pathological anatomy in Breslau, and was assistant at Emil Ponfick’s (1844-1913) institute. In 1895 received the title of professor.

In 1896 Kaufmann became prosector at Allerheiligenhospital in Breslau, from 1897 professor extraordinary. In 1898 he accepted an invitation to become ordinarius of general pathology and pathological anatomy as well as head of the pathological-anatomical institute of the University of Basel. Kaufmann moved on to Göttingen in 1907, and was emerited there in 1927. Through his widely used textbook on pathological anatomy he was to influence generations of physicians from many countries. His most important publications concern chondrodystrophy and malign tumors of the prostate.


  • Die Sublimatintoxication. Breslau, 1888.
  • Untersuchungen über die sogenannte foetale Rachitis (Chondrodystrophia foetalis). Berlin, 1892.
    Abderhalden-Kaufmann-Lignac syndrome.
  • Lehrbuch der speciellen pathologischen Anatomie.
    2 volumes. Berlin, 1896; 9th and 10th editions, 1931.
    Translated into many foreign languages.
  • Probleme der Schilddrüsenpathologie. Göttingen, 1912.
  • Probleme der Krebsforschung. Göttingen, 1914.

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