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Nicolai Ivanowich Kashin

Born  1825
Died  1872

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Russian physician, 1825-1872. Name also spelled Kaschin.

Biography of Nicolai Ivanowich Kashin

Nicolai Ivanowich Kashin was the son of a military surgeon. He studied in Moscow 1846-1851 and then became a military physician in Siberia, where he studied the local medical conditions. In 1861 he became physician at the military hospital in Moscow and received his doctoral degree. In 1864 he returned to Jakutsk in Sibiria as medicinal inspector. He published a medical-topographical description of the district of Nertschinsk as well as various casuistic reports.


  • Über die Hydatiden in verschiedenen Organen des Körpers.
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  • Nachrichten über die Verbreitung des Kropfes und Kretinismus in den Grenzen der russischen Kaiserreichs. Mosk med Z 1861, 39-51,

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