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François Chopart

Born 1743
Died 1795

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French Surgeon, born October 20, 1743, Paris; died June 9, 1795, Paris.

Biography of François Chopart

François Chopart, a native Parisian, was the son of Francois Turlure and Marie-Anne Chopart, whose name he took and used all through his life. He received his medical training at the Hôtel-Dieu under Jean-Nicolas Moreau (died 1786), and at the Pitié and the Bicêtre. In 1767 he received a prize from the Academy of Surgery for his treatise Essai sur les loupes. In 1768 he received a prize for the treatise Memoire sur les lésions de la tête, par contre-coup. This was also the topic of his dissertation for the title og Maître de chirurgie, which he received on July 20, 1770. The following year he was appointed as professor of practical surgery at the école pratique.

On March 13, 1782 he succeeded Toussaint Bordenave (1728-1782) in the chair of physiology.

Chopart travelled to London twice. Once to accompany a patient, the second time as an education to study the surgery in England. During these visits to England he made the friendship of John Hunter (1728-1793) and they began a prolific correspondence.

François Chopart died in a cholera epidemic in 1795.

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