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Henri Victor Chaput

Born  1857
Died  1919

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French surgeon, born 1857, Tonnerre, Yonne; died 1919.

Biography of Henri Victor Chaput

Henri Chaput studied in Paris where he received his doctorate in 1885. He became Chirurgien des Hôpitaux in 1888 and was active in the hospitals Broussais, Boucicaut, and Lariboisière. Chaput in particular concerned himself with surgical asepsis (gloves) as well as the use of lumbal anaesthetics. He was one of the first to advocate - energetically - laparotomy in abdominal lesions and he was one of the first to make a fat transplant.

In 1908 he published the works of Octave Terrillon (1855-1894), a pioneer in asepsis.


  • Des fractures anciennes de la rotule. Paris, 1885.
  • Technique et indications des opérations sur l’intestin, l’estomac et les voies biliaires. Paris, 1892.
  • Thérapeutique chirurgicale des affections de l’intestin, du rectum et du péritoine. Paris, 1896.
  • Les fractures malléolaires du cou-de-pied et les accidents du travail. Paris, 1907.
  • Le drainage filiforme. Paris, 1917.

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