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Sape Talma

Born  1847
Died  1918

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Dutch surgeon, born December 20, 1847, Dokkum, died June 20, 1918, Utrecht.

Biography of Sape Talma

Sape Talma attended the University of Utrecht and received his doctorate in 1873. In 1876 he assumed the chair of pathological anatomy at this university, but a few years later changed it for that of internal clinics, with which he was connected until his death in 1918.

Talma’s most important work was on the collateral circulation in liver diseases, and the operation suggested by him for the healing of ascites in liver cirrhosis.


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  • Zur Genese der Herztöne. Archiv für die gesammte Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere. Bonn, 1880, 23: 275-278.

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