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Abraham Albert Hijmans van den Bergh

Born 1869
Died 1943

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Dutch internist, born December 1, 1869, Rotterdam; died 1943.

Biography of Abraham Albert Hijmans van den Bergh

Abraham Albert Hijmans van den Bergh became doctor of medicine in Leiden in 1896 and then interned at the medical clinic in that town. In 1900 he went to the Prussian city of Breslau, now Polish Wroclaw, where he visited the famous paediatrician Adalbert Czerny (1863-1941). He returned to Holland to practice in Rotterdam, where he became physician-in-chief at the city hospital at Coolsingle.

In 1912 Hijmans van den Bergh succeeded Karel Frederik Wenkebach (1864-1940) as professor of medicine in Groningen. In 1918 he was appointed professor at Utrecht, the successor of Sape Talma (1847-1918). He retired there in 1938.

In 1918 he became personal physician to the German emperor Wilhelm II (1859-1941), and remained in that position during the German occupation, despite the fact that he was a Jew. The Germans did not deport him to a concentration camp when the ex emperor died in 1942, but held him in house arrest. He suffered from diabetes and angina. An avenue in Utrecht is named form him.

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