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Barend Joseph Stokvis

Born 1834
Died 1902

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Dutch physician and physiologist, born August, 16, 1834, Amsterdam; died September 28, 1902.

Biography of Barend Joseph Stokvis

Barend Joseph Stokvis was the son of the physician Joseph Barend Stokvis (1808-1887). He studied at the Latin school in Amsterdam before studying medicine at the University of Amsterdam. He also studied for some months at Utrecht under Franz Cornelis Donders (1818-1889) and Jacobus Schroeder van der Kolk (1797-1862). After receiving his doctorate at Utrecht in 1856 he went to Vienna, Prague, and Paris, before returning to his native city of Amsterdam. Here he worked in the physiological laboratory under Adriaan Heynsius (1831-1885), Willy Kühne (1837-1900) and Thomas Place (1842-1910). In 1867 he was awarded a gold medal by the Brussels Academy for his essay "Recherches Expérimentales sur les Conditions Pathogéniques de l'Albuminurie."

Stokvis practised medicine until 1874, when he was appointed professor of general pathology and clinical medicine at the Athenæum illustre. In 1874 he assumed the professorship of general pathology, pharmacodynamics and clinical medicine at the University of Amsterdam.

He was president of the Internationaal Koloniaal Geneeskundig Congres held in Amsterdam in 1883, and also of the first congress of Dutch physicians and surgeons. In 1879 he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and in 1896 its vice-president. In 1884 the University of Edinburgh conferred upon him the honorary degree of doctor of laws (LLD).

Stokvis succeeded his father as president of the Nederlandsche Israelietische Armbestuur at Amsterdam.

In 1906, with Hendrik Fritz August Peypers (1855-1904) he founded Janus, an international journal for the history of medicine. He was an extraordinarily prolific writer.

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