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Thomas Caspar Gilchrist

Born  1862
Died  1927

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American dermatologist, born June 15, 1862, Crewe, Cheshire, England; died November 14, 1927.

Biography of Thomas Caspar Gilchrist

Thomas Caspar Gilchrist studied medicine at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. He left England for America in 1890 and from 1897 he was clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Maryland, from 1898 in the same position at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore. In 1907 the University of Maryland conferred on him an honorary M.D. He was president of the American Dermatology Association in 1909. Gilchrist. He published extensively in his speciality, on acne vulgaris, experimental urticaria, erypseloid, roentgen dermatitis, porokeratosis, sarcoma of skin, and fatty atrophy.


  • Outlines of common skin diseases. Baltimore, 1915.

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