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Alfred Blaschko

Born  1858
Died  1922

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German dermatologist, born March 4, 1858, Freienwalde an die Oder; died March 26, 1922, Berlin.

Biography of Alfred Blaschko

Alfred Blaschko was the son of a physician. He studied in Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate in 1881. He then worked with Georg Wegner (1843-1917) in Stettin and in 1883 settled in Berlin as a practitioner. He later went to Vienna and Berlin for education in dermatology, studying with Heinrich Köbner (1838-1904) and Georg Richard Lewin (1820-1896) in Berlin. From 1888 he devoted his efforts exclusively to dermatology, with a scientific activity that covered most parts of this discipline. As specialist physician to a health institution he worked on occupation dermatoses and the prophylaxis of venereal diseases. The latter work included studies of prostitution and monitoring of the sanitary aspects this ole profession. In 1902, with Albert Neisser and others, Alfred Blaschko was co-founder of the Liga zur Bekämpfung der Geschlechtskrankheiten German Society for the Fight Against Venereal Diseases) in Berlin.


  • Behandlung der Geschlechtskrankheiten in Krankenkassen und Krankenhäusern.
    Berlin, 1890.
  • Verbreitung der Syphilis in Berlin. Berlin, 1892.
  • Syphilis und Prostitution vom Standpunkt der öffentlichen Gesundheitspflege.
    Berlin, 1893.
  • Die Lepra im Kreise Memel. Berlin, 1897.
  • Hygiene der Prostitution und venerischen Krankheiten. Jena, 1900.

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