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Johann Lorentz Gasser

Born  1723
Died  1765

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Austrian anatomist, 1723-1765.

Biography of Johann Lorentz Gasser

Already as a young Dozent, Johann Lorentz Gasser for three years replaced his professor in lecturing anatomy, as the professor og anatomy, Franz Joseph Jaus (1696-1771), cared little for this duty. His lectures were enthusiastically received, and among his admirers were van Gerard van Swieten (1700-1772) and de Anton de Haën (1704-1776), who promoted him to doctor of medicine without bothering to arrange for an examination. An unprecedented thing. The same year he was appointed to a chair of anatomy «ob praeclaram eruditionem in rebus anatomicis etc.». Despite this, he was denied a further scientific career, as he died at the age of only 42 years.

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