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Martin Bernhardt

Born 1844
Died 1915

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German neuropathologist, born April 10, 1844, Potsdam; died March 17, 1915, Berlin.

Biography of Martin Bernhardt

Martin Bernhardt attended the University of Berlin, a student of Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) and Ludwig Traube (1818-1876), and received his doctorate on May 1, 1866. Following graduation he worked as assistant physician under Ernst Viktor von Leyden (1832-1910) at the medical clinic in Königsberg (Prussia) from 1867 to 1869. In 1869 he returned to the same post at Karl Friedrich Otto Westphal's (1833-1890) clinic at the Berlin Charité, until 1873. He volunteered for the army for the war of 1870/1871. After the war he was habilitated in Berlin in 1872, working as a specialist in neuropathology, until 1882, when he was appointed extraordinary physician at the faculty of medicine in Berlin. He retired from his polyclinic in 1914 and died the following year.

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