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Jakob Erdheim

Born 1874
Died 1937

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Austrian pathologist, born May 24, 1874, Boryslaw, Galicia; died 1937.

Biography of Jakob Erdheim

Jakob Erdheim received his medical education in Vienna, where he was conferred doctor of medicine in 1901. From 1901 to 1924 he was first hospitant, then assistant at the Wien patologisch-anatomishes Institut. He was habilitated for pathological anatomy in 1913, from 1916 wirklicher ausserordentlicher Professor, and became chief of the pathological-anatomical institute of the Vienna city hospital.

Erdheim wrote a classical paper on aortic medionecrosis and made important studies on the pathology og the pituitary. He gave the name "nanosomia pituitaria" to describe pituitary dwarfism.

We thank Adam Erdheim, Göteborg, Sweden, for information submitted.

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