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Hubert von Luschka

Born 1820
Died 1875

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German anatomist, born July 27, 1820, Konstanz; died May 1, 1875, Tübingen.

Biography of Hubert von Luschka

Hubert von Luschka at first concentrated his efforts in pharmacy, but in 1841 went to Freiburg to study medicine. He continued his studies in Heidelberg 1843-1844 and then returned to Freiburg. Luschka passed the state examination in Karlsruhe in 1844, practiced medicine for period in Meersburg, and in 1845 received his doctorate at Freiburg.

Folowing a period as assistant to Georg Friedrich Ludwig Stromeyer (1804-1876), Luschka undertook scientific journeys to Paris, Vienna, and upper Italy, and also practiced in his native city. In 1849 he was invited to Tübingen as extraordinary professor and, upon the retirement of Friedrich Arnold (1803-1890), he was appointed ordinarius and director of the anatomical institute. He remained in this position until his death in 1875. Luscka is reckoned among the major anatomists of the 19th century, particularly distinguishing himself in gross anatomy. He was a prolific writer.

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