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Otto Busse

Born  1867
Died  1922

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German pathologist, born December 6, 1867, Gühlitz bei Perlberg; died February 3, 1922, Zurich.

Biography of Otto Busse

Otto Busse spent his medical studies in Greifswald, receiving his doctorate in that town in 1892 and ten years later became an assistant in the pathological institute under Paul Otto Grawitz. He was professor from 1902 and in 1904 was appointed head of the pathological-anatomical department if the hygienic institute in Posen. In 1911 he followed a calling to become ordinary professor of pathological anatomy in Zurich.

Busse was particularly known for his investigations on pathogenous yeast dough, publishing his paper on this in Die Hefen als Krankheitserreger; Berlin, 1897.


  • Das Obduktionsprotokoll. Berlin, 1900; 4th edition, 1911.
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