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Eduard Spiegler

Born  1860
Died  1908

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Austrian chemist and dermatologist, born August 14, 1860, Vienna; died July 20, 1908, Vienna.

Biography of Eduard Spiegler

Eduard Spiegler first studied chemistry at Strassburg, Jena, Zurich, and Graz, where he received his chemical doctorate. He then changed to medicine, studying at Vienna and Graz. After receiving his medical doctorate at Graz in 1888, he entered the Wiener Allgemeines Krankenhaus, at the same time working at the chemical institute with Ernst Ludwig (1842-1915) and at the hygienical institute with Max von Gruber (1853-1927). He was assistant at Moriz Kaposi’s clinic from 1892, and was habilitated for dermatology in 1896. He did important work on sarcoid tumours, pernicious dermatoses, skin pigment in hairs, endotheliomas of the skin, quantity relations of albumin and globulin in serum of luetics.

At his own expense he established a laboratory for experimental chemistry with eight working stations, the Spiegler-Stiftung.

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