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Nikolai Mikhailovich Itsenko

Born  1889
Died  1954

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Russian neuropathologist, 1889-1954.

Biography of Nikolai Mikhailovich Itsenko

Zoran Bojanic, Serbia, submitted this article, with bibliography:

Nikolai Mikhailovich Itsenko studied medicine at the Military Medical Academy from which he was excluded 1913 because of his revolutionary ideas. However, he graduated in medicine in 1918.

1929. Chief of cathedra for physiotherapy in Medical Institute in Rostov
1933. Chief of cathedra for neurological disease in Medical Institute in Ivanov
1939. Professor in Medical Institute in Voronjezh

Nikolai Mikhailovich Itsenko investigated neural infections, vegetative nervous system deseases and cerebral tumors. In 1926 he was the first one who described Itsenko-Cushing's desease, six years before Cushing. Later, in 1946, he wrote a monograph in which he described 15 women and 2 men who had Itsenko-Cushing desease. Itsenko also described a special type of subcortical epilepsy (Vorsab-Itsenko epilepsy).

Nikolai Mikhailovich Itsenko published over 100 articles and 6 monographs.


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